sexyinsuede: Beautiful silver-haired young man glances at us over his shoulder. (Nothing but the Sun rising in the West.)

When did I end up in Yodaka...?

Shindan: Souten!

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Name:Gauche Suede
Location:Akatsuki, Amberground
Hello. My name is Gauche Suede. It's nice to meet you.

I'm a Letter Bee with a Level Two pass to Akatsuki, the city of perpetual day-light. I have my own reasons and ambitions, but you are welcome to ask.

Now please, get away from the giant metal bug monster scuttling at top speeds toward us Gaichuu.

This is my job. :)


Name: Gauche Suede
Age: 18
Race: Albisian
Born: ✉✉✉ ✉ ✉
Hair: Silver
Eyes: Lavender
Crossing Pass: Level Two Akatsuki
Shindan: Kurobari
Type: Shindanjuu Nocturne No. 20
Spirit Amber: Black
Dingo: Roda. Dog(?)
Relatives: Sylvette Suede, sister
Notes: extremely ambitious. weakest in the HEART recovery Shindan.

Interests (30):

CAPSLOCK, another silver-haired gentleman, aria link, being a badass motherfucker, carrying a gun always, crazy dreams, cure sylvette, deliver the letters, desukara, dreams, eternally quoted throughout series, full name basis, giving it my all, hilariously awkward introductions, i'll become head bee, i'm a jump character, it uses my HEART, kurobari!!, lag seeing, letter bees are intelligent, letters, my dream, my life for letters, roda, seriously i shoot it, shindan loaded! kurobari!!, shindan souten!, sucking my HEART dry, sylvette, the stars
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